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Linda in Tennessee--My Personal Site..

comment page.....lindatn37932@comcast.net

I would love to hear any comments
 I visited your website last night and found it to be the most refreshing site I've visited in a long time.  I felt like we were just sittin' on the porch having good old-fashioned 'girl talk'! 
Talk to you soon,
Mary Ann, Your Smiling Chef   
 I found your website
...Just wanted to tell you that I loved it, it was like a visit with a "down-home" friend.
Thank you so much for your website. My name is Joyce and I live in South Carolina. My precious husband, Walt, has recently been diagnosed with Lung Cancer ( Stage 4 ) We've been married 35 years ( Nov. 22 ) I love the prayer at the end of your home page.  Some days do seem colder than others, but I do find rest and warmth in the Father's Hands. He gives me Peace in the midst of the storm.
Good afternoon!

I came across your site by accident and have been enjoying all the beautiful writings.  Actually I have already passed on a few.  Hope that is OK.  Just wanted to let you know that you are doing a great job!  Keep up the good work!  and Thank you!

Have a great weekend!


Yvonne Orefice
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Fruit of the Loom
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I found your website on the request recipes web site & enjoyed it very much.

I too make pesto according to Marcella & have made changes similar to yours.

I have found that freezing some in ice cube trays makes it easier to use smaller amounts,

Rather that the 2 cup size for pesto sauce. It’s great when mixed with vegetables

& a little sautéed garlic.

Thanks for sharing

Toni Reale


Linda, I read where you are from Knoxville. I have a nephew who rides a orange chopper cycle, lives in Seymour, TN, and has a restaurant by the name of Bayou Bay Seafood House. It's at 7117 Chapman Hwy. It seems as though everyone knows Andy and Cindy. Just thought I would drop you a line to see if just maybe you would know them.
I love your site. Love reading all of your writings. Love the picture of your little babies. They are so cute. I just loss my little girl Wednesday. She was a Min Pin, and I had her for 12 years. I know that you really love animals, don't know how anyone can't. Would love to see more pictures of the babes and of your salt water tank.
I surf for recipes all the time, that's how I got to you. Keep up the good work, for God is Blessing you with a wonderful talent.
Trixie Poche'
found your site from willie crawford site. have printed your "put off" article. i sure want my wife to read it. recorded  your egg roll an choc rum cake recipes. they look great. have book-marked your site so that i can return   chet
Chet Babineau

Linda..once again your inner beauty is shown on your site, thank you for sharing it with all. I have actually bookmarked it as a favorite and look forward to seeing it progress even more. Fabulously done. Thank you
Kay Wathen
Found your site though WillieCrawford's. Enjoyed it very much!! Loved all the writings.
Keep up the great work..Your grandchildren are all adorable!! Aren't  grandkids great?
Thanks again for a lovely couple of hours.
Helen  In Virginia
Hi Linda,
I just stopped by your website and was I ever pleased I did. It is lovely! I truly enjoyed all the life lessons. Your dogs are precious and your tank is simple beautiful.
Thank you for inviting me in.
Hugs & Smiles,
I really like your web site.........I wish I knew how to buit one.....
I have wanted to for some time, but don't know where to start.....
i hope it will be alright to share your website with my
Linda Perry

Your web page is beautiful.
I love it
A friend from ripped shit

Dear Lord,
Some days are just colder than others. I need to feel the warmth of your face shining upon me, Lord. I want to be covered by your radiance, resting in the palm of your hand. Where I feel secure and saved. Lead me back to this place.
Your promises will unfold as the day progresses. And I will gather these even as I am uncertain about how the day will play out because through your promises come renewal and wholeness.