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About Me

This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

Here is a photo of Larry and Linda(me)

Nathan and Nicholas
my twin grandbabies



Welcome to Tennessee

please visit our wonderful state sometime. i know you will be pleasantly surprised.

Welcome to Tennessee. the Volunteer state. From the mountains in the east with huge gray rocks and ledges that have timeless quality and strength, across middle Tennessee and all the way over to Memphis on the mighty Mississippi, we have cities, small towns and farm lands. We are big people and little people. We come from many backgrounds and traditions. We have church suppers and family reunions. We have eaten everything from turnip greens and cornbread in the lean years to country ham and oysters with important guests. We have had hoe cakes at home and fried chicken on the lakes and at picnics. When a native Tennessean sits down to a country ham and fried chicken, corn pudding, fresh green beans, new potatoes, lemon meringue pie, pecan pie, and angel food cake, we know we are eating a dinner that satisfies. We have country ham and biscuits with gravy for breakfast. Lunch could be pinto beans with diced onions and cornbread. we love okra, cooked any style. It could be fried, cooked with tomatoes or even pickled. We love our hush puppies, I make mine with onions in the batter. Black eye Peas are a must for new years eve to bring luck for the following year. We love our fried green tomatoes and a pimento cheese sandwich. Don't forget our Moon pies...oh and fried pies. The taste of fresh cooked catfish, fried to perfection and smoked pulled pork. So it just good down home southern cooking with hospitality to match. Anyone love our goo goo clusters? take the train and come visit a spell y'all hear ?


this is my great grand son
I love my babies

my great grandson Daniel

here you can see some photos of my babies


Larry is doing an addition to the house



this is the bed he made for us


water wheel Larry made for the pond



A little about me.......
this is October..........Breast cancer month.........
In Jan 2000 I had breast cancer
Larry and I were not married yet
he still lived in Michigan......and I was here in Knoxville
He came down and stayed with me for a week to take
care of me..........
I then went back to have all my lymph nodes removed in March.
And the wonderful lab......lost my lymph nodes.
This is 2006..........Larry and I have will be married 7 years
Oct 6th..............and I am now 7 years cancer free...........
)) -::-
. ))
((. -::- Linda
-::- ((.* always on my mind
Maybe I didn't love you Quite as often as I could have And maybe I didn't treat you Quite as good as I should have
If I made you feel second best Girl, I'm sorry I was blind But you were always on my mind You were always on my mind

Maybe I didn't hold you All those lonely, lonely times
And I guess I never told you I'm so happy that you're mine
Little things I should have said and done I just never
took the time You were always on my mind You were
always on my mind
Tell me Tell me that your sweet love hasn't died Give
 me Give me one more chance to keep you satisfied I'll
keep you satisfied


)) -::-
. ))
((. -::- Linda
-::- ((.*
Angel flying too close to the ground
If you had not have fallen then I would not have found you Angel flying too close to the ground I patched up your broken wing and hung around for a while trying to keep your spirits up and your fever down
So leave me if you need to, I will still remember Angel flying too close to the ground.
I knew someday that you would fly away for love's the greatest healer to be found So leave me if you need to, I will still remember Angel flying too close to the ground
Fly on fly on past, the speed of sound I'd rather see you up than see you down So leave me if you need to, I will still remember Angel flying too close to the ground.
Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Willie Nelson
someday, I shall write some of the words to
more of his songs
Dear Lord,
Some days are just colder than others. I need to feel the warmth of your face shining upon me, Lord. I want to be covered by your radiance, resting in the palm of your hand. Where I feel secure and saved. Lead me back to this place.
Your promises will unfold as the day progresses. And I will gather these even as I am uncertain about how the day will play out because through your promises come renewal and wholeness.