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In my lifetime,
I hope to develop
Arms that are strong,
Hands that are gentle,
Ears that will listen,
Eyes that are kind,
A mind full of wisdom,
A heart that understands,
A tongue that will speak softly.

Until We're Gone

Until you're gone I will not miss
The sweetness of your ways -
Recall with such intensity
Your subtle means of praise;
I will not find the hours long
Nor miss the song you sing -
For while you're here I cannot dwell
On such intrinsic things.

Until I'm gone you will endure
The chatter of my voice;
Unnecessary things I say
To fill, inform, annoy;
And when I'm gone perhaps you'll long
For just a verse or two
Of the song we sang together or
The poem I said to you.

But...while we're here...let's make each day
A time of worthwhile words -
Let's smile a lot and laugh and say
Endearing things we've heard...
Let's make a memory ever dear -
To carry always on -
To have and hold and cherish us
Until....until we're gone.
I love you
And need you to just be there for me
I am trying
Working on it
But the sky is black and sometimes grey
Waiting for a better day
Without tears and sorrow
Words that hurt
Smiles that feel good
Hugs that soothe the soul
Kindness and gentleness
The best friend, I use to have and be
It needs to be , we
Not apart
And harsh
And words that tear us apart
My heart is filled with tears
I try, honestly I do
I want to be there for you
But, right now I can't see the sun
It is just too dark and grey
So, I sit with the puppies and play
And try to do the best that I can for that day

Monday WashDay
Lord, help me wash away all my selfishness and vanity, so I may serve you with perfect humility through the week ahead.
Tuesday Ironing Day
Dear Lord, help me iron out all the wrinkles
of prejudice I have collected through the years so that I may see the beauty in others.
Wednesday Mending Day
..O God, help me mend my ways so I will not
set a bad example for others
Thursday Cleaning Day
Lord Jesus, help me to dust out all the many faults I have been hiding in the secret corners of my heart.
Friday Shopping Day
O God, give me the grace to shop wisely so I may purchase eternal happiness for myself and all others in need of love.
Saturday Cooking Day
Help me, my Savior, to brew a big kettle of brotherly love and serve it with clean, sweet bread of human kindness.
Sunday The Lord's Day
O God, I have prepared my house for you. Please come into my heart so I may spend the day and the rest of my life in your presence.

I must ask you how do you want to be remembered?
To be remembered something for someone who needs a gentle touch.
To be remembered as with such integrity that no one would ever question your intentions.
To be remembered as giving to all.
To be remembered as compassionate...don't just say you care, show it.
To be remembered as giving...give before you know there is a need.
To be remembered as a "person of faith" faithful in all your actions.
To be remembered as a good worker...remove from your vocabulary the words, It's not my job."
To be remembered as a good parent...teach by example.
To be remembered as a good a good listener, express love, be faithful and forgiving.
To be remembered as a trustworthy, honest, open and genuine.
To be remembered at fully, love all and smile often.


      ... __/ /\____ ____
   , o`,/__/ _/\_ //____/\
    ```)( | | | | | | | || |l |
    ,.- ,.-~~-., `-. :
A smile is a light in the window
of the soul indicating that the
heart is home 
"A Life With Love Will Have Some Thorns.  But A Life Without Love Will Have No Roses."